Web Hosting the unseen aspects

Yes you can get web hosting for really cheap, a few dollars a month, but what do you really get? Servers that are overloaded , low bandwidth , server outages and slow load times. The main reason for that is because they are not designed for high traffic sites. The average server has up to 10,000 accounts on it.

WE offer something different at a reasonable price.

We can set up your site with more then the cheap sites offer, lots of email accounts and no restrictions on email. Huge bandwidth if needed. Great database servers that are responsive. Our servers are tied directly to the internet back bone using OCT 8 connections. We do not over load our servers with tons of accounts making sure that the servers are very responsive.


WE can scale to your needs from a simple website to a cluster. We can administer your domain site or you can do it yourself. WE use Cpanel with FTP access as well as FrontPage extensions. Our servers have 20,000 Gigs of bandwidth each a month.


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